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Trust, Betrayal and Affairs

Trust is the foundation of a relationship and is necessary for a mature relationship to develop. Broken trust can include lying or deception, infidelity, broken promises, and lack of emotional support. Trust is essential for a healthy and successful relationship, and addressing these issues is crucial for rebuilding trust and maintaining a strong foundation. When trust is broken, it between difficult and impossible for their partner to trust them again without help. This relationship concern requires a professional to ‘lend’ trust to the couple. This ‘lent’ trust creates a temporary foundation to rebuild trust from honest and words and behaviour.

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What Does an Affair Mean?

An affair or other breach of trust is a devastating and traumatic experience in any relationship. If you have discovered or your partner has disclosed infidelity you will be having a whole range of overwhelming feelings. Our therapists can help you to process the pain of the affair, recover and protect your own values and priorities. An affair doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. The sooner you get help the more chance you have to bring about healing and positive change.

An affair can be a huge traumatic loss and betrayal that can overwhelm a couples desire to cope, connect and communicate.  Our team has some affair specialists who have years of experience guiding couples through this very common but difficult process. 

Our Director Steven specialises in working intensively with couples working to rebuild their relationship after an affair or those who are trying to decide whether to stay or leave.  In additiona we are working on online resourse to supplement and speed the healing process.  Check out the Do’s and Don’t information below and watch the attached Youtube video with Esther Perel as this will be an important preparation for your work.

There is hope

How do I recover from Betrayal or an Affair?

1. Professional Help – Find a specialist relationship counsellor trained in PORT, PACT, Gottman Method, Imago Relationship Therapy or Emotionally Focussed Therapy who has successfully worked with couples to help them recover from an affair.  Working with affairs is challenging – find the best help you can access.

2. Time – Expect to spend time in counselling and at home working this through – there is no magic solution – make strategic plans to minimise avoidable time entanglements family social and religious entanglements may need to take a back seat for a while.

3. Money – working less, attending counselling, taking holidays together will have a tangible financial cost – however this cost is a fraction of the cost of separation.

4. Vulnerability – At some level all affairs occur because we could not voice a request for something we needed or desired – this is true for both the affaired on and the affairee.  The primary reason for a professional therapist or counsellor is to create a safe environment for this vulnerability to occur.

Recovery will take couples and individual therapy, time, patience, developing new skills, understanding, and empathy. It is essential that you both understand the underlying causes of the affair, and each take responsibility for all unmet needs in the relationship.

Adultery is a wake-up for the call (a dysfunctional one).  If you listen to the call the relationship will become stronger.

Need Urgent Help – Try Relationship Rescue or Intensives

Our Relationship Rescue service – gives you a longer session with one of our senior counsellors.  These are available with Steven

It is a very appropriate service to use for couples looking to tackle an affair as it gives enough time to work through issues in greater depth.  Alternatively you can do full day or multi day sessions with our director Steven more info here

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