Stefanie Bullock New Zealand 90 Minute Couples Appointment

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Relationship Issues, Effective Communication and Intimacy, After hours online sessions available

BASW, Dip Couns, Dip FamTherapy, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (CIRT) MNZAC

Stefanie has over two decades of experience working as a couples therapist and social worker. She trained internationally in New Zealand, USA, Germany and Australia.

Stefanie enjoys working with a wide variety of couples of diverse cultural, ethnic and sexual backgrounds. She offers communication training, assertive attendance, art therapy and mindfulness in her therapy practice and she always enjoys a good laugh with her couples! Counselling sessions can be offered in English or in German.

After hours appointments and video call appointments are also available!

Review for Stefanie: “In the end we tried one more time -with Stef. We were skeptical, we were. Stef helped us out of our desperate place. We crawled out actually. We started to talk, slowly, full of anguish and angst. We were angry. So many years of stored up stuff. Stef helped us to speak. About our pain about our anger.. slowly we learned to walk again. Alone and together. We started to see good in the other we started to connect. We started to love each other again. To fall in love again. A crazy thing ….” – Liz and Antony, September 2018

Stefanie’s qualifications include: MNZAC, BASW, DipCouns, DipFamTherapy, PGDipCouplesTherapy, CertClinicalSup, Court Approved

Please note: The price outside of New Zealand may vary from the stated price because of changes in the exchange rate. The scheduling window will have the exact price.

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