Course curriculum - 5 Secrets

  1. How to use this course
  2. The 5 Secret Strategies Relationship Champions use to repair disconnection and build an amazing connected love.
  3. 5 Stages of relationships and how to get out of the power struggle
  4. How to stop driving your lover crazy (and how to help them feel loved and safe)
  5. How to stop a fight immediately (and 3 slower strategies)
  6. 5 easy strategies to build lasting love in just 20 minutes a day
  7. Bonus Chapter: How to have a happy relationship (even when there has been a trust breach)
  8. Advanced Appreciation
  9. Relationship Check-In Dialogue: Staying on track
  10. The Daily Dialogue: Building communication in everyday life
  11. How to Make Amends
  12. Building Affection: Hero Hug & Madonna Hug
  13. Bonus: The Total Apology
  14. What's Next?