How New Couples Stay Happy and Avoid a Terrible Relationship

How New Couples Stay Happy and Avoid a Terrible Relationship



It's common for new couples to embark on their relationship journey with a sense of optimism, yet quickly realize that they're charting unfamiliar territory. As they reflect on their parents' relationships, many recognize a disconnection between their examples and the kind of relationship they want for themselves. 

These new bonds are often tested by recurring issues. During these early stages, couples may inadvertently fall into "pursuer-avoider" patterns without truly resolving underlying conflicts. However, the grace period of the honeymoon phase glossed over these deeper issues, offering temporary ease but not lasting solutions.

Use Your Honeymoon Phase to Create an Awesome Relationship

Relationship advice for new couples in the honeymoon phase: use the honeymoon period as an opportunity to improve communication and discover what truly works for both partners. Instead of aiming for resolution right away, couples should debrief after each issue arises. Questions such as "What did I do that helped you through this?" or "What do you currently need from me?" can pave the way to deeper understanding and secure functioning based on mutual care.

Those without positive relationship models might lack an innate sense of how to comfort and support their partner during times of distress. Without examples of constructive engagement—like simply moving closer to offer a hug or making a cup of tea—partners can become defensive and exacerbate conflict. Yet, even in the absence of good models, there is hope. One can always revisit conflict after emotions have settled to explore what actions might have defused the situation more effectively


In reality, the luxury of protracted counseling sessions doesn't fit everyone's lifestyle, especially for those with children or time constraints. The goal then is not lengthy discussions but rather swift and effective communication that remembers and integrates strategies that can be quickly employed in future instances after the honeymoon phase has ended.


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