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Relate was started because of a failed relationship.

"When my marriage was in trouble, we went to a therapist who was a good individual therapist, but not trained in working with couples therapy. Then my ex, and I sat in front of him arguing and thinking we could fight at home for free. When we were running out of hope, I mentioned the idea of counselling again. She said we've already done that and it didn't work. We divorced.

I didn't want other couples to have my experience. So, I learned a variety of research based approaches. As I became successful I started to get really busy with clients, and I became overwhelmed with a number and felt badly because quality couples counselling wasn’t available or affordable to everyone. So I started training counsellors to work with couples. Relate is a team of relationship experts and a resource for couples to get powerful relationship information and skills."

Steven Dromgool, Relate's Founder and Director


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When Steven's marriage was failing, he struggled for 3 reasons. First, He didn't know what effective couple's counselling was like, so he couldn't find the right counsellor. Second, He didn't know how to have a healthy relationship and got conflicting information. Third, like many couples, there wasn't enough money and he was afraid to waste money on ineffective help.

Steven created Relate so couples won't have to repeat his problems. If you need information, try a Free 3 Day trial of Relate Unlimited. It gives you unlimited access to 20+ courses (more information below). If you need expert relationship help, see our team. If you aren't sure take the Relationship Quiz. We got you.

Relate Unlimited: Every Course Skill and Strategy for One Price

Relate Unlimited - it’s all the good stuff! Conversations with our therapists and visiting experts.  Short and long courses on all things Relational. It’s what you need to know to create great relationships.  Regularly updated and interactive - send in your questions for tailored answers.  Always available on any device, it's there when you need it.

All offered for the monthly cost of a Netflix subscription.

Relate Unlimited will help you answer questions like: 

  • Can my relationship be better? 
  • Will couples therapy help? 
  • What are the secrets of awesome relationships? 
  • Why do we fight (even though we want to stop)?
  • Why does it feel like we are speaking different languages? 
  • And many, many more.

Relate Unlimited also includes specialized courses including:

  • How do I survive a betrayal? 
  • Escaping toxic masculinity?
  • Managing sex and pornography addiction

As therapists we know the need is vastly greater than our capacity to see clients.  Combining great therapy with key information helps us become more effective, therapy is easier, faster cheaper and more powerful. We want to make Relate Unlimited irresistible.

We priced Relate Unlimited at $15, because Netflix is $15 a month and a decent lunch is $15. In our minds making your relationship better is worth at least the cost of Netflix or lunch.

And just to make it easier we even included a free trial to see if you agree …

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Relate’s mission is to provide you with expert relationship counselling or couples therapy help.  We specialise in working with marriage and relationship issues for couples and singles.  Our team are experts in relationship counselling and are committed to help you improve or even rescue your relationship. Appointments are offered weekdays, after hours and weekends. Relationship Therapy Assessments and Intensives are also available.


I walked into our first session with Steven thinking our Marriage was over, we had not been intimate for over a year and our marriage was a cold, frozen wasteland. We walked out smiling and laughing and after a dinner where we actually talked we spent the evening in bed making love like it was the first time ever.
Steven is a magician - I almost didn't recognise my husband, he was relaxed and laughing and then he turned to me and apologised for the way he had missed me - there were tears in his eyes - I still can't believe it. We still struggle and get stuck sometimes but we know how to unhook ourselves and we are a team. Thank you for helping me find my man again.


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