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How to use Relate Unlimited

Relate Unlimited contains 20+ relationship resources. That's a lot of information and you won’t need all of it. Start at Step 1 and go from there. Most courses move in a progression.

There are special topics courses which are very helpful to some people but not others. These courses are located at the bottom of the page.

Simply click on the tile of the course you want. These links are internal links and assume that you have previously subscribed to RELATE UNLIMITED and are logged in. If you have not subscribed, you will need to do so before having access.

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Ask Questions

As part of your Relate Unlimited membership you can send us your questions. Depending on your question you might get a variety of responses: Lesson suggestion, written response, video lesson or you might be referred to a consultation.

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Step 1

Identify Your Primary Concern

If you are unsure of your priority concern, take Relate's Relationship Quiz. It will give you a recommendation for courses and whether or not counselling may be helpful.

Take the Relationship Quiz

Step 4

We recommend that everyone watch 'The 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions'

The 5 most important lessons that couples need to learn. Quit the power struggle! Stop driving your lover crazy! Stop fighting - Immediately! Build lasting love in 20 minutes a day! When relationships are going bad, we all feel hurt and alone. But you don't have to stay stuck!
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