Not sure who's the right therapist for you?

Meet with our practice manager to help you select a therapist who's experience and education match your relationship needs and create a plan to move through therapy quickly.

Pre-Therapy Consultation

Why Couples Counselling with a Relationship Expert?

All our relationship therapists are experienced counsellors with specialist training in at least two models of couples relationship therapy. If you are struggling with a communication or connection issue, you can book with any of our couples counsellors – they can all help with that. If on the other hand, it is something more catastrophic, like an affair or violence, please book with one of our senior relationship therapists.
We also have a pre-therapy consult vailable with one of the team who will meet with you for 30 minutes to find out more precisely the help you need, introduce you to our online resources so you can start preparing and refer you to a therapist who will be a good fit for you.
Pre Therapy Consultation

How to choose the right relationship counsellor for you

So you have decided to see a marriage therapist or couples counsellor and now you are wondering how do you know who to choose?

Here are 3 handy research-based tips on how to choose the best counsellor for you.

Why Couples Counselling with a Relationship Expert

Why do some couples benefit from therapy? Why do others waste a ton of money and divorce anyway? Learn how to get the most out of relationship counseling.

Secrets and Strategies to get the most out of couples therapy. If you want laughter and cuddles but don't know where to start. Look at the 20+ topics we address, watch the free previews, then sign up!  
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