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80% of couples struggle with these issues:

  • Repeated Fights
  • Losing Connection over time
  • Wanting to recover the spark
  • Approaching difficult topics

Many couples know the problems - they just need the right information!

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7 Reasons to invest in your connection

  1. Expert Advice - Relationships are too complex for Facebook Memes as Answers
  2. Live Longer - Couples in Good Relationships live 10 years longer on average
  3. More Peace - Relationship distress massively amplifies anxiety and depression issues
  4. Better Sex - Very few couples have great sex and a lousy relationship.
  5. Get Richer - Not only is divorce expensive but relationship distress often triggers impulse and exit spending.
  6. Resolve your Past - Relationships provide opportunities to change (or just repeat) unhealthy patterns from childhood
  7. Set your children up for Success - Your relationship is creating the unconscious blueprint for their own relationship.

Relationship warning signs

  • You feel really stuck in your relationship - you may be.
  • You often wonder if you could do better - most relationships can grow in at least some areas.
  • Your relationship is not progressing - healthy relationships are dynamic and growing.
  • Your parents (or your partner’s parents) relationship is an anti-model - this is not your fault but it will definitely impact you.
  • You have been divorced or ended a serious long-term relationship before - repeating old patterns is unnecessary pain.
  • There has been serious betrayal in the relationship - we have resources to help you now and therapy is likely to be useful as well.
  • You persistently struggle to communicate in a way that works for both partners - such a common problem that is often easy to fix and creates such dramatic positive change.
  • Your relationship is generally good, but you are facing a big life transition e.g. getting married, having a baby, retiring etc - change is stressful but also a great opportunity
Let's try this!

What kind of Life do you want?

You only live once:

How much of your life do you want to waste disconnected, fighting and alone.

What would it be worth to bring back communication, connection, playfulness, intimacy and passion?

The resources are not a magic wand - they are just a pretty good map written for people like you.

Life is a journey with all sorts of challenges we can't avoid - unnecessary suffering robs of our best life.

Let me start living better

When our love is going wrong we all feel alone

Most relationships go through cycles of pursuit and avoidance. It's the worse dance of all. The good news is you can learn a new dance together. And the best news? A bit of know-how can make a world of difference!

You don't have to stay stuck

Most couples wait forever (an average of 6 years according to John Gottman's research before they chat with a counsellor. But why wait through all those years of bickering, boredom, and a not-so-hot love life? The courses 'Hope: the Key to Relationship Happiness' and 'What Divorcers Wish They Knew' were created to help you save 6 years. (Yup, they're included)

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Relate Unlimited:

  • Hours of deep insights and strategies for strengthening relationships.
  • Available when you are ready.
  • A step-by-step guide
  • Or cherry pick what you need
  • 1 minute daily coaching
  • Ted Style Overviews
  • Podcasts and Deep-Dive Courses
  • 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions developed for the NZ Defense Force 6 Ted Style Talks and Exercises with demos covering:
  1. Relationship Growth Stages
  2. Escaping the Pursuer Avoider Trap
  3. Building love in 20 minutes a day
  4. Leaving Fight Club
  5. Repairing Trust

And so much more!

Speciality Topics

  • Sex and Pornography Addiction
  • Betrayal Recovery
  • Should I Stay or Go
  • Communication and Presence

all for the cost of a Netflix subscription.

Changing the world for good is our Mission

Relate was started as the result of a failed relationship - we know at a deep and personal level the cost of disconnection.

We want to be a fence at the top of the cliff rather than an ambulance at the bottom.

Relate Unlimited is our gift to you. All moneys raised is directed straight back into the creation of new tools and resources and spreading the word.

Our goal was also to make this offer irresistible:

1: One low cost to access everything we have - no holds barred

2: A monthly subscription the cost of Netflix

3: A free trial

4: Cancel anytime

What have you got to lose?

Integrating Relationship Research

If you copy one person it's plagiarism - if you copy 100's it's research - Mark Twain

Relate Unlimited is the work of decades of research. Clinical Director Steven Dromgool has travelled the world training under the world's foremost relationship guru's. Trained in over multiple relationship therapies including Gottman, EFT, IMAGO, PACT, HEART and the Developmental Model. Steven has integrated these approaches into Relate's own relationship therapy training programme Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy (PORT).

Steven's approach is real, reasoned, passionate and just a little irreverent. It is also based on over 10000 hours of clinical practice with couples. Despite this experience Steven is still a voracious learner and eagerly continues to explore this field. He believes there is always more to learn and Relate Unlimited continues to grow in response to new learnings, questions and challenges that the community raises.

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Why Chose Relate Unlimited over Self Help Books or Influencers or Single Courses?

Relate Unlimited

  1. Relate Unlimited includes multiple courses covering a broad swathe of relationship concerns
  2. Relate Unlimited includes teaching, demonstrations at a variety of different levels and levels of complexity.
  3. Relate Unlimited is not pushing just one idea but the tried and tested ideas of the top relationship gurus
  4. Relate Unlimited is interactive and we plan new courses from client's questions

Self Help Book

  1. Writing books is hard work and authors tend to focus on just one topic which they see as their contribution.
  2. Books tend to limit demos and examples which can lead to poor implementation.
  3. In couples there is normally at least one non-reader.
  4. Self-help books don't allow for real-time interaction with experts or counselors.


  1. Influencers tend not to have training or qualifications - this tends to limit their perspective to their own experience or their close circle of friends.
  2. Influencers sometimes promote inaccurate/ unbalanced perspectives since controversy can drive engagement that increases their reach.
  3. The advice from influencers is often limited to quick tips and soundbites that lack depth.
  4. Influencers may sometimes endorse products or methods due to sponsorship deals rather than because they are the best choice for your relationship