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We priced Relate Unlimited at $15, because Netflix is $15 a month and a decent lunch is $15. In our minds making your relationship better is worth at least the cost of Netflix or lunch.
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Course List:

  1. The 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions - The 5 most important lessons that couples need to learn. Quit the power struggle! Stop driving your lover crazy! Stop fighting - Immediately! Build lasting love in 20 minutes a day! When relationships are going bad, we all feel hurt and alone. But you don't have to stay stuck!
  2. What Divorcers Wish They Knew - Why do some couples benefit from therapy? Why do others waste a ton of money and divorce anyway? Learn how to get the most out of relationship counseling.
  3. Men and Women, Avoiders and Pursuers - What do women want? How can it be that two people who love each other continue to misunderstand the other? This course explores the hidden dynamics of every relationship. This course will help you connect and stay connected.
  4. Communication - Deepening the Dialogue - "Communication Problems" The #1 problem for couples. This is a 10 day course to add empathy, compassion, and validation to your relationship. You love your partner - this course shows you how to tell them...
  5. Escaping Fight Club - Nobody likes fighting.  Most conflicts are avoidable and certainly repairable.  Slow down the pattern in 30 days and strengthen the connection you're seeking.
  6. Connection Windows or the "I Never Felt so Loved" Feeling - Learn the secrets to fostering a deep sense of security and love, even in the midst of a busy and chaotic lifestyle. Our 20-minute-a-day course will empower you to create a lasting and fulfilling love that can withstand any challenge.
  7. Paradox in Relationship: Loving with Your Whole Brain - Have you ever wondered why at one moment you can't stand your partner, but you can't stand being apart? This course explores the roots of relationship mysteries and gives practical strategies to use our paradoxical nature to grow closer.
  8. Broken Trust: How to Recover From Betrayal - A self-affirming course for answering the difficult questions about  healing from affairs, infidelity, betrayals, and shattered trust. Embrace a living learning experience where questions are welcomed, and fresh content is continually infused.
  9. Sex and Pornography Addiction in Relationships - Is sex and pornography becoming a problem in your relationship? We explore the impact of sex and porn addiction on couples. There is much taboo and shame around this topic so we encourage a supportive and non-judgemental environment
  10. Escaping Toxic Masculinity - Gender roles have changed. Men are challenged to know the best way to support their family in a way that creates excitement, safety, intimacy and passion. This course supports men (and women) in their journey to find their masculine identity
  11. Surviving a Breakup: Let go of the past and move forward - This interview explores the process of recovering from a breakup, emotions, grief and recovery.
  12. Skills: The Search for Ourself - This course is a road map to discover one's true self, embrace authenticity, and cultivate a deeper understanding of personal values and beliefs.
  13. Emotions 101 - This course helps you understand the interplay between your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Discover how emotional dysregulation occurs and learn how to rebalance.
  14. Surviving the First Week After You Have been Betrayed - Often people discover there has been a breach of trust at night or during the weekend. Between that point and when they can see a therapist, they often make their relationships much worse. This is here to help.
  15. Hope, The Key to Relationship Happiness  - What are the secrets to dispelling this myth? This book explores the myth that most people hold about relationships and how belief in this myth causes relationships to suffer.
  16. 30 Day Relationship Challenge - A one minute video, two minutes of effort allows you to improve your relationship in 30 days. Relationship Expert Steven Dromgool gives you a bit of wisdom and a tiny homework assignment. You'll be surprised what 3 minutes can do!
  17. Fighting, Safety and Violence Information - If there is a lack of safety in your relationship, this course contains basic information about creating safety and creating a couples therapy plan.
  18. The Sixth Secret: The Cycle of Relationship - This is the single most powerful lecture in our catalogue. This lecture changes your understanding of the nature of relationships. This last secret is life changing.
  19. Help Your Relationship Survive and Thrive During the Holidays - Learn how to prioritize your relationship, the value of meaningful rituals, uplifting communication and emotionally supporting your partner during the holidays in this hour-long video book.

And also... Using Couples Therapy to Help with Childhood Trauma, Ketamine and Psylocybin: Alternate Thrapies... with more coming.

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