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PORT: Integrated Couples Therapy

PORT: Integrated Couples Therapy

Relate and PESI are offering a 16 hour course about integrating the most powerful interventions in couples therapy. This is the Level 1 PORT training.

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Dates: Weekly Feb 6 - Mar 26

If you feel stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed working with high-conflict couples, you’re not alone.

The intensity and unpredictability of helping a couple navigate years of hurt, betrayal, and resentment can leave even seasoned clinicians feeling like they’ve let these clients down.

But what if instead you knew exactly what strategies to use to guide a couple to healing and connection… so your clients could fall back in love?

That’s what this course will do for you.

Inside it, you’ll find the most valuable insights developed by brilliant therapists over the last 30-40 years such as John and Julie Gottman, Sue Johnson, Stan Tatkin and more – combined in a simple framework you can apply to get powerful, consistent results.

When you finish this course, you'll:

  • Recognize what’s really happening in a couple’s arguments
  • Know how to accurately assess and formulate what the couple need
  • Choose the most relevant interventions
  • Know when to intervene and when not to
  • Keep the couple connected and present
  • Do less and achieve more in your couple sessions

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