David Elliott -New Zealand - 90 Minute Couples Appointment

Specializing in sex and pornography addiction, David brings his extensive expertise to help individuals overcome their struggles.

David studied counseling psychology at John F. Kennedy University in California, USA. Originally from an engineering background he was an integral part of the development of client directed measurement software with Scott Miller and Barry Duncan. David has been a practicing counselor off and on since 2007. Since the pandemic, his work is now online.

David has a long standing involvement in recovering from addiction and childhood neglect and trauma. He is deeply involved in a variety of 12 step support communities around the world. David has been a consultant for Relate because of this experience with the addiction and 12 step community and now has some limited availability to see Relate clients online. He is committed to helping create a supportive environment for clients to experience their best chance of success and freedom.

Please note: The price outside of New Zealand may vary from the stated price because of changes in the exchange rate. The scheduling window will have the exact price.