Working with Intimate Partner Betrayal, Affairs, and Broken Trust using PORT

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Intimate Partner Betrayal is one of the most common reasons couples present for therapy.  Couples present in high distress, and therapy has the potential to be chaotic and overwhelming for both the clients and therapists.  Research indicates that fewer than 5% of couples therapists are specifically trained  in working with betrayal.  Working with betrayal will prepare you with an understanding of the current research around betrayal and an implementable approach to guide your couple through the process.  The training will include demos, resources and handouts and access to a peer support group.  Spaced over 8 weeks this interactive training will help you integrate research and best practice guidelines into your thinking and practice.  If you have never worked with betrayal this training will give you a solid place to start including a peer group to rely on.  If you are an experienced practitioner this practice will help you reflect, review and update your practice.

When: 11AM-1:30PM NZST, Weekly starting August 7 for 8 weeks


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