Sex and Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

When sex and intimacy are working well they can be a real source of connection and joy in a relationship.  Yet like many precious things they can be damaged by misuse, neglect and loss.  This is an area our team is really passionate about working with because of it’s centrality to connection in relationships.

The loss of erotic connection is a long standing issue that unfortunately many couples have just come to expect or endure.  Yet our erotic connection is one of the primary connectors and sources of renewal in a relationships.  Marriages and relationships can survive without erotic connection but they are very seldom better as a result.

Traditional couples counseling can improve your sex life by addressing and resolving underlying relationship issues that may be affecting intimacy. Counseling provides a safe space for both partners to communicate openly and honestly about their needs, desires, and concerns, without judgment or criticism. This improved communication can lead to a better emotional connection, which is often translated into a more fulfilling sexual connection. Additionally, couples can learn new ways to express affection and explore their sexuality together, sometimes with the guidance of specific therapeutic exercises or homework assigned by the counselor. This process can rekindle passion and improve sexual satisfaction for both partners.

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