Course curriculum - What Divorcers Wish They Knew

What Divorcers Wish They Knew

  1. Why do others waste a ton of money and divorce anyway? Learn how to get the most out of relationship counseling.
  2. What are the benefits of couples counseling? Of taking a relationship course?
  3. Why doesn't our partner doesn't want to go to therapy?
  4. Specific strategies to encourage your partner to attend couples counseling
  5. What are the two most important components of couples therapy success?
  6. What is couples counseling really like?
  7. Why Come to Couples Therapy?
  8. Why not just pick up a Brene Brown or John Gottman book and save all the money?
  9. Why come to couples therapy for smaller problems? Why not wait until later to fix the problem?
  10. What happens when couples begin to fight? And how does couples therapy help?
  11. Why come to couples therapy for smaller problems? Why not wait until later to fix the problem?
  12. I’m in a new relationship, things are great, should I come to therapy?
  13. Sometimes I've heard that couples counseling frequently fails, is that true?
  14. Why do you need a couples therapist - what difference does it make?
  15. What is the difference between a couples and an individual therapist?
  16. How do I find the right relationship and marriage therapist for me?
  17. Are counselors effective who have some experience in several couples modalities, but are not certified?
  18. Commonly, one partner, or the other feels attacked by the couples therapist. Why is this?
  19. What is the problem with doing couples therapy with your individual therapist?
  20. What is the role of secrets and alliances between the couple and the therapist in deciding to meet individually?
  21. A couple comes in for therapy and things are getting better, how long should they stay in therapy? And how do they know when they've done enough?
  22. How does childhood development affect adult romantic relationships?
  23. Do couples need ongoing help with their relationship?
  24. How do therapist demographics such as gender affect therapy?
  25. Does the therapist's appearance matter in the course of therapy?
  26. Does the therapist's religion matter? What is the value of going within your faith community?
  27. Developing hope is a primary goal of couples therapy.
  28. Final Thoughts
  29. Comparing Imago relationship Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Method Therapy