Rapid Assessment with Steven

Steven Dromgool Therapist Auckland, New Zealand Steven is Oceania's is the founder and clinical Director at Relate, New Zealand’s largest Relationship and Marriage Therapy Team. After his own marriage failed Steven started traveling around the world to train under experts including Harville Hendrix, John and Julia Gottman, Stan Tatkin, Maya Kollman, Ellen and Peter Bader-Pearson, Sue Johnson, Terry Real and Esther Perel. He has been actively involved in promoting and linking therapeutic and brain science insights to produce more powerful and integrated connection solutions. Steven led the Relate team in developing an integrated approach to working with couples called PORT (Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy). During Covid Steven and the team have been focussed on developing online resources to help resource couples around the world in times of stress.

Steven Dromgool Rapid Assessment at Victoria Park, Auckland New Zealand

This 2 hour assessment includes the 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions training (5 top secrets and bonus trust builder with demo exercises) An additional 3 hours of training,

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