Understand Relationships: The Search for Connection

Understand Relationships: The Search for Connection

Relate specializes in marriage and relationship therapy. If we had a motto, it could be "Searching for Connection." We understand that relationships can be challenging and it's often unclear how to improve them. What if there was a single way to measure if things are getting better? Believe it or not, there is. After years of practicing and studying various relationship counseling methods like the Gottman Method, EFT, Imago, Developmental Model, and PACT, our director Steven Dromgool has found that noticing your sense of connection is the most effective way to track your relationship's health moment by moment.

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The graphic you see is known as the Combined Infographic. Steven created this resource to help train new relationship therapists on the factors that increase and decrease connection as part of Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy. It's been highly requested in our continuing education classes. We recently updated it and decided to offer a free interactive version for couples to benefit from as well.

If you download the Interactive Infographic, you'll learn the basics of stopping fights, antidotes for fighting habits, steps of relationship communication, the cycle of relationship, why relationship crises occur, and a simplified relational brain model. We're excited about this resource and hope you find it useful!

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