Fast, Affordable Relationship and Couples Counselling Help in Auckland - $90

Priority Scheduling With Local, Experienced Relationship Counsellors Tomorrow

For half the cost of a full couples counselling appointment, get a professionally crafted relationship plan tomorrow for $90. Every day either Relate's Director or Practice Manager is available for 1 or 2 consultations.

In this session we will help you find the right therapist for you (price of appointments will vary). We will also gather some intake information that will be shared with your therapist and advise you on how to use the online resources. In addition he can get you access to emergency appointments not available online.

Couples Counselling evaluation will identify your primary concern & identify a relationship therapist based on your needs.

  • Experienced with your concerns
  • Trained in multiple couples counselling models
  • Local or Online Relationship Therapists
  • Get access to specialists in Communication, Conflict Management Addiction, Sex and Pornography, Affairs and Betrayal & Trauma
  • Organise Marathon, In Home and relationship rescue appointments

Relationship researchers have identified that approximately 80% of couples come from a family of origin where they did not learn how to have a good relationship. We know that your therapy journey will require you to learn new information. You will get a step by step plan to get a head start on counselling and your missing information.

This includes: Free access to Relate Unlimited's 25 Courses (including the 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions) for 7 days.

Couples Counselling Exercises, Skills & Worksheets Today - 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions

What every couple needs to know - The 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions (developed for the NZDF).

  • Repair disconnection and build amazing connected love
  • Quit the power struggle
  • Stop driving your lover crazy
  • Stop fighting - Immediately
  • Build lasting love in 20 minutes a day

This course includes exercises to improve your connection and communication.

  • Advanced appreciation
  • Relationship check-in
  • Building communication in daily life
  • Building affection: Hero hug & Madonna hug
  • Total apology

When relationships are going bad, we all feel hurt and alone. But you don't have to stay stuck!

2 Ways to Access 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions:

1. Keep forever for $90 - or

2. Access via Relate Unlimited (along with 25 other courses) 3 day trial, 15 USD per month.