PORT Level 2: Essential skills for practicing Integrated couples therapy

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Skillful implementation of therapy skills is essential for client growth and success. Whether you're starting a new working with couples or looking to hone your skills, it's important to centre your practice on research and clinical experience. Relate and The PORT Institute offer this 4 week live training on how to utilize the Relational Brain Model, the Presence Bridge Model and the 5 Step Therapy Progress Model in couples counselling.

Learn PORT with Steven Dromgool. This course is a continuation of PORT Level 1. Learners will participate in 4, 2 hour trainings via Zoom. Participation will be limited to 9 participants.

Dates: April 2, 9 , 16, & 23 at 9AM AEST / 11AM NZST

Module 1 Fight Stopping, Engaging the Avoider, Soothing the Pursuer: The key skills essential for success involve mastering the art of combat and navigating the pursuit-avoidance dynamics seamlessly.

Module 2 Attuning Couples Therapy to the Relational Brain Model: Tap into interventions to affect Safety, Attachment, Connection, Time-bending, and Flow State for relationship transformation.

Module 3 Managing the Couple Dyad: Up and Down Regulating: In session, utilize skills to assist emotionally dysregulated clients, as well as ignite the passion in dull and listless clients.

Module 4 Implementing Therapeutic Change from Insight into Action: Return couples to their care, decrease therapist stress, and accelerate progress with 5 Step Therapy Progress Model

All participants should complete PORT Level 1 via PESI or the Legacy PORT Training before registering for PORT Level 2. Participants will be given preparatory information for each live training. This information may take a few hours to complete.  

Email Admin@relate.online to be added to the waitlist.

Go to therapist resources: Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy

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