Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy (PORT) Level 1

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Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy is an integrated approach to couples therapy designed specifically to for therapists starting to work with couples for the first time and more experienced therapists looking to integrate other models.

This gives therapists lifetime access to the PORT Level 1 Training and includes the cost for examination for PORT Level 1. 

This training is PORT Level 1 and is focused upon the history of couples therapy and the 3 foundational theories of PORT: the Relational Brain Model, the Presence Bridge Model, and the 5 Step Therapy Progress Model.

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PORT is an integrated eclectic approach developed over the last 8 years by the Relate NZ team.  Initially developed in the context of the weekly team training sessions  it was honed over the next 6 years of the intern programme to help distill the core insights of successful couples and relationship therapy to clinicians who had not been specifically trained to work with couples.

PORT is an intensely practical course that coalesce around the challenge of finding the successful common features of therapy models as diverse as PACT, EFT, Imago, Gottman and the Developmental Model.  What became clear is that each of these models offered significant strengths but often lacked essential features or flexibilities present in other model.  In addition insights from other modalities including Narrative, ACT, NLP, Psychodrama, Gestalt, Relational Neurobiology were incorporated.

Port's focus was simple and driven by the clear imperative of research that indicated that untrained therapist's working with couples were highly unsucessful and the therapy process itself was highly stressful for the couple and the therapist.

The challenge of course is that everyone needs to start somewhere and our focus was to support our interns to be successful as soon as possible.

While Steven was cross-training in Imago, Gottman and EFT he noticed a recurring pattern underlying their seemingly different methods. Steven adapted the Relational bridge model for interns to use and tested this among the team.  The developmental brain model was the next innovation that made relational neuroscience accessible to clinicians and clients and therapy progress model among other innovations.

The feedback from PORT trained therapists is that they quickly felt confident to hold a relational space for the couple that felt safe for deep intimate connecting work and that they had strategies to help them contain and manage conflict.  Additionally  clinicians could maintain and develop their own unique authentic style and presence and incorporate other training and experience more seamlessly and effectively.  

The online offering is designed to provide a resource and reference point for clinicians that can be assimilated at the therapists own pace and is designed to prepare therapists for PORT Level 2 which is 4 live sessions of group skills training with Steven which will give you provide opportunities for interaction and implementation.

You are suggested to subscribe to Relate Unlimited to access psychoeducation materials which will make PORT easier to understand (specifically the 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions).

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Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Jurd
A new approach to Couple's Therapy

I attended Steven's online PORT course for 8 weeks earlier this year. Steven has created an extremely comprehensive and detailed couples therapy training based on his experience in his own relationships, working as a couple's counsellor and attending a 6 of the best known couples trainings on the planet. In his own words, he has cherry picked the very best of these therapies as well as creating his own interventions and come up with a totally new way of working with couples. Steven is a very experienced and knowledgable therapist and kept us entertained with his irreverent humour. He was supported by Dan who shares these same qualities. I found the combination of the two of them very complementary. I personally found this training very challenging as it was very content heavy, it was a lot to absorb and it challenged the way I normally work with couples. Also it was not interactive as I am used to with online trainings, with no break out rooms or comments other than the chat room. Having said that, I am completely satisfied that it was well worth the time and financial investment. I am left with an extensive tool kit and many new ways to approach my couples clients, which I am already utilising and for which I am very excited and appreciative for. I went on to do Level 2, where we did get to practise the new tools and I would highly encourage anyone doing Level 1 to attend Level 2, so that you can become more confident with the processes by practising them.
Thanks Steven, Dan and the team.

William Vorobioff
PORT level 1

Not only a rich and challenging course, but more importantly an integrative one, drawing on multiple models to present a learnable and workable way of approaching couples struggling with connection. Do it.

Cath Baker
Rave Review: Transformative Experience with Port Level 1 and 2 Courses

I've recently completed the Port Level 1 and 2 courses with Steven, Dan, and the Relate team, and it has been an incredible experience. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge, but I also had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for helping couples transition from conflict to deeper intimacy. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in expanding their expertise in this field. The wealth of knowledge offered is truly extraordinary.