Steven Dromgool In-Depth Assessment via Zoom

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Connection & Communication Issues, Affairs, Infidelity, Crisis Recovery

This 3 hour assessment is designed for couples with either complicated back stories or dealing with catastrophic issues including violence, affairs or a partner threatening to leave. 

Steven is Relate's clinical director - trained in over 6 approaches to couples therapy and the founder of the Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy Institute. Steven's approach is to empower couples with tools to communicate effectively so that they can feel safe, loved and desired. 

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Steven Dromgool offers both Zoom and in person appointments. Select Rapid Assessments for communication and connection issues. Couples struggling with trust and betrayal issues should select an in-depth assessment. 

Steven 2 Hour Rapid Assessment - Zoom

Steven 2 Hour Rapid Assessment - In Person at Victoria Park Auckland

Steven 3 Hour In-Depth Assessment - In Person at Victoria Park Auckland

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