Relationship Boot Camp

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Strengthen your relationship's communication and connection with Relate's online relationship boot camp. No yoga pants, burpees or exercise required! If you want to make a good relationship great, improve communication skills and tap into your honeymoon this is for you. Couples who have completed therapy, and want to protect their gains can use the boot camp to keep their marriage in tip top shape. 

Often couples think they may benefit from couples counselling, but aren't sure. The boot camp will give couples information that is commonly learned during the first couple months of relationship therapy. The relationship boot camp can't replace couples therapy, but it can prepare, augment and improve therapy outcomes. Note: The boot camp is not appropriate for couples with significant issues such as betrayal, severe fighting and some other issues. 

According to John Gottman only 18% of couples are naturals. Everyone else has to learn how to have a good relationship. That's where Relate's Relationship Boot Camp comes into play. You'll practice communication and reconnect over 4 weeks with 4 bonus at-home exercises (at the cost of 1 therapy appointment).

Here's the plan:

Week 1: What you need to know about Commitment, Crisis and the Cycle of Relationship

  • How does the honeymoon phase create love and sabotage long term relationships?
  • How do love drugs (neurotransmitters) change in new relationships? (And how do you tap back into those drugs?)
  • What is a mature relationship and can people actually be happy in long term relationships?
  • Exercise: Create a Relationship Vision
  • Take home bonus: Appreciation Flooding

Week 2: How do you build love in 20 minutes a day?

  • What are the 5 connection windows which keep couples connected and feeling in love?
  • How can you hack your relationship by understanding the relational brain?
  • Exercise: Hero Hug and Madonna Hug - a neurobiologically informed hug for helping your partner feel better
  • Take home bonus: Gaze and Harmonics

Week 3: Avoid the apocalypse by fight stopping

  • What are the 4 relationship killers and do you have one?
  • What if there was one solution for most relationship problems?
  • Exercise: Identify your fight specialty and identify the antidotes
  • Take home bonus: The Best Friend Dialogue

Week 4: What is the number one factor in a happy relationship?

  • What is the 2 person psychology of relationship?
  • How do you build trust?
  • How is a relationship is like a boat, and how do you keep it from sinking?
  • Exercise: values, principles and agreements
  • Take home bonus: The Seducer Invite

More Bonuses:

  • Being Really, Really Empathetic
  • Relationship Infographic


Where: Anywhere via Zoom

When: July 5, 12, 19, & 26 @ 4 PM ET in the US / July 6, 13, 20, & 27 @ 8 AM NZT in New Zealand

Access: You will receive an email the day before each session with the Zoom link and access to the course portal. The portal will contain the course presentation slides and bonus videos. However, participants will not have access to recordings.



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