Betrayal First Aid

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Discovering an affair is a reality shattering event. Overwhelming feelings, swirling thoughts, our body in shock. It impacts not just the betrayed but their children, family and friends.


Surviving the first week is an immense task that requires a series of targeted care interventions to minimise further damage.


This Seminar will prepare you to help yourself or another:

  • Ride the waves of emotions
  • Regulate your body to reinitiate sleep and eating patterns
  • Manage dysregulated thinking including extinction and suicidal thoughts


Whether you are an affair survivor or therapist or helper working with someone who has been betrayed, this highly practical seminar will give you practical tools to get through this critical period.

‘Topics covered include:

  • What to Avoid
  • Simplifying Self Care
  • Creating Safe Connections
  • Re-Regulating the Body
  • Managing the Why

When: July 26 11AM - 12PM NZST

Where: Online via Zoom

Participants will be emailed the zoom link the day before the event.

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