Fighting Safety and Violence Information

If there is a lack of safety in your relationship, this course contains basic information about creating safety and creating a couples therapy plan.

Fighting, Safety and Violence Information to Know Before Starting Couples Therapy

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This free interview tackles safety in the realm of violence and fighting. It delineates instances where couples counseling is not a suitable solution.

Before initiating relationship therapy, couples need to know the importance of addressing safety concerns in relationships, particularly before starting couples therapy. There is a fundamental need to prioritize safety and trust in relationships, and this short course explores the complexities of unsafe relationships, including the need for safety assessments and outside support. It is important for relationship professionals to recognize and address power imbalances in intimate relationships. There is a responsibility for the larger or more powerful partner to protect their smaller or less powerful partner. Unwanted sexual touch and trauma are prevalent issues in women's lives, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach to address these issues.

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